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Kris v2

Here's all my parts so far on v2, arrayed where they will most likely be on the final bot. Clockwise from top left; Rx and 3 6v batts for drive, Cobalt 40G, 18v battery, and 2 B&D Firestorm drivers with wheels
Here is what's left of my third grinding drum on my dremel after grinding down both B&D shafts from 13/32" to 3/8" to fit my hubs.
Here's my two B&D Firestorm drivers, the grey one is from Ted Z. (thanks!) Both have Cruelrobots hubs and wheels from the first Kris.
This is my 'modified' 18v drill battery for the weapon.
And this.... this is my pride and joy =) A Cobalt 40G from Ebay for only $90! It's pretty small, but packs a lot of power.
Here are the 3, 6v batteries for the drive.
Just thought I'd add this... The semi-empty corpse of Kris sitting in my room, slowly being taken apart

Some mounts I made out of 1/8" Lexan.
Some 6v batteries I picked up at Radio Shack because the others wouldn't hold a charge.
shaft collar for 3/4" shaft.. part of a large McMaster order including 1/4" and 1/16" Lexan, 3/4" shaft, and bearings.
big 3/4" bearings for weapon shaft
Everything I have for Kris v2 so far... the only problem is I accidentally ordered a shaft without a keyway.. whoops.

This is just to get an idea of how big the bot will be when finished.
With the front armor on.
Front with motors and shaft.. I haven't drilled the holes for the motors into the sides yet, so they're not in this picture. Also notice the awesome blue paint job. 

Here's a little swich I made with a servo and some zipties to hopefully switch ~50A on and off... Yea right... 
NERC, of course said no-way, so I shelled out $176 for one of these nice little doohickeys.. a.k.a. Victor Spin controller. When my mom saw it, she commented that I sure spent a lot of money for a little fan :-)
I finally took enough time away from working on Hooloovoo to rivet this much of Kris v2's frame together. Everything is fitting together smoothly so far, and I hope to test drive really soon. I also hope to receive the weapon disk  and shaft in about a week *nudge nudge* *wink wink* =P
Just a close up view of the end thingy... It's getting really awkward to drill these holes using only a 8" drill press...

This is my assortment of things for Kris... Blast ESC's, shielded bearings, and new belts. Ignore the Aluminum.
This is how it looks currently... I'm going to redo the back plate and put the Blasts next to the drive motors. Still got a lot to do...

Team Tier