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          The Kris Page

Always gotta start with a radio...
   Add a krappy "frame"...
Put it in an old VCR... and you get this.
-Some mounts I got somewhere...
-Put some bolts in 'em...
-Bolted them to the frame..
-New neato design.
-New CAD... I don't feel like doing all the internals
-Trying to make a 3" saw blade look scary...
-Finished cutting the frame! with a coping saw! (notice pretend Colsons)
-Little servo that will switch weapon on & off
-'Electronics compartment'... very crowded

-Chaos.. A.K.A. what happens when everything on your bot is attached to your bottom armor, and you need to take your bottom armor off..
-finished bot with armor on.

-Painted, drilled, and weighing 11lbs, 14.5oz.

-A bot's eye view =) (this picture was pointless)